Taanka acts as a social enterprise to be a link between rural artisans and urban buyers. Taanka puts in an effort to get orders from retailers; once an order is received, specifications are shared with Taanka’s field team who then get orders processed from the artisans in Umerkot and Thatta. The Taanka team has organized artisans into 42 women enterprise groups who are have been trained in using varied and complimentary color combination, introduced new stitches, and enhanced skills on finishing and tidiness of products. The Taanka team:

  • Supervises and manages distribution of orders
  • Ensures quality assurance of production and final product and ensures minimal wastage
  • Ensures completion of orders within given timelines
  • Provides best price for ethnic and original craftsmanship to clients
  • Works with artisans to understand the order requirements thoroughly
  • Provides samples to clients when needed
  • Keeps the community mobilized and engaged so that they support the artisans and do not disrupt the production process
  • Orients clients/retailers/designers on the various stitches that the artisans are offering through their handicraft and how each is unique, with a cultural history and significance

If you are interested in partnering with us as a business or an individual entrepreneur, kindly connect with us

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