Taanka strives to be an equal opportunity employer. As a Non-profit organization, we aim to ensure that all job applicants, staff, consultants and/or volunteers, do not suffer unfair discrimination on the basis of their race, color, nationality, ethnic origin or religious belief, social class or casts, age, disability, marital status/family situation, or gender. We aim to ensure that all people with whom we work are valued for their contributions and are given the opportunity to realize their full potential within the organization. Recruitment, selection and other procedures try to ensure that individuals are given equal opportunity in recruitment, training and promotion, and are treated on the basis of their relevant abilities and merits according to the requirements of the job. However, recruitment of women, people with disabilities, people of ethnic and religious minorities is prioritized. We believe that following a policy of equality of opportunity will benefit not only the individual but will also benefit and enrich Taanka as a whole.

Internship Opportunities

Taanka offers internship opportunities throughout the year. Internships are designed for two levels of interns; level one is for current college/university students while level two is designed for recent graduates. The internship program is designed to provide work experience in the textile, fashion and welfare industry at the national level. In addition to work experience, interns acquire a sense of work ethics and responsibility, learn to work in a diverse, team environment, and must have a passion for and academic history of the textile, fashion and marketing sector.

Interested candidates should send their CV with covering letter indicating area of interest for an employment opportunity or an internship to info@taanka.pk .

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